Tablets / computers to access our Servers for online materials

  1. e-Books including textbooks and library materials- online (on our local servers)
  2. E M R (Electronic Medical Records) – Healthcare
  3. V O D /TV  (Video on demand solutions) for learning, hospitality and leisure- Online TV
  4. A S C (After Schools Club) The franchise business for people that want to participate in the lucrative Business of Education, but with little capital outlay.

Sysdigit Communications is primarily an ‘applied computing’ company. We specialise in digital communications. Our areas of expertise include online TV, Video – on demand TV.

Cost of Technology is crashing as technology advances

We excel in use of disruptive technology to provide cost effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

  • e-Books ensures affordability of books.
  • Electronic Medical Records Especially in the developing world, Medical records are still cumbersomely kept on cards. We provide simple database driven online or intranet (LAN based, wi-fi access)  solutions

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