E M R- ELECTRONIC MEDICAL  RECORDS / Electronic Healthcare Record

At the heart of every health care system is a good and efficient medical records system. Traditionally, Patients’ data is hand written on volumes of cardboard like papers that are stored in designated rooms.  These have to be physically carried from one point of use to the other.

Data creation, entry, retrieval and upgrade is of course always tedious and do require specially trained personnel etc. Users of the data do have to depend on dedicated medical record personnel almost all the time. Indeed it is a cumbersome and resource intensive system.

Technological advancement has completely automated this.  Records are now completely digitised ie presented on computers etc. Thus they are called ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS or MRE.

The benefits   of  MRE.

Medical records are efficiently manipulated.

  1. Records update, retrieval and analysis are rather very efficient.
  2. Cost effective
  3. Space saving
  4. May be made available at a moment’s notice without relying on a team of Records managers

In addition it can be made

  1. multi – user
  2. Available for users at remote locations.

As part of our MEDICS -on -AIR package, We are currently in the process of putting in place a system whereby volunteer specialists or consultants in completely different locations are able to help with diagnosis of patients elsewhere eg consultants in United Kingdom or USA or big city Teaching Hospitals are able to help with diagnosis of patients in even rural or remote areas in our villages.


In the past,

  1. Technological know how.
  2. Cost of equipment-

These however are no longer  issues especially given our own package

At Sysdigit Communications, we specialise in applied computingOur own package:

At the heart of the system is the

  1. SERVER EQUIPMENT- a robust computer  assay

on which the data management software  or the



EMR software is installed on the server computer together with the wifi equipment.

Authorised personnel can now use any wifi enabled equipment to access and update patients’ records eg desktop computers, laptops, tablet or even smart phones.

All that is required is to show them how to do it.

Cost implications

For a typical hospital set up:

Please note that this can be implemented to link similar systems in other hospitals or maybe state wide.++

Equipment to supply:

  1. Powerful computer, configured for EMR use.
  2. Outdoor router / access point equipment
  3. Network and power cable
  4. Printer to print out medical records, passwords or other authentication codes,
  5. Document scanner
  6. E M R management / control software


Pole assay on which to mount externally the access point equipment.

Cost to include configuration and installation.