This can also be mounted on the Virtual Class package

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  • Independent learning
  • Local Access  Reference library .
  • Library is mounted on the server, thus always online
  • Access is through wi- fi, no need for data subscription
  • All smart phone  or wi-fi enabled hand -helds eg laptops, I-Pads, tablets, computers e-Readers can successfully log on to the system so long as they have access (password – protected)

The system is specifically put together to meet the challenges of those areas where access to internet is still a challenge. The internet of course is the most comprehensive source of information to date.

What we have done is to harness some of the rather useful education materials that are quite relevant up to key stage 12 and put them into (an) our electronic library.

It is an interactive package of Server- Workstation but with wireless access ie through wi-fi just like the internet but without paying any data charges.

For Universities and other tertiary institutions.

Most learning materials, including lecture notes, tutorials are uploaded on the system. Students can access, download and submit assignments, participate in live sessions without necessarily being in the same classroom. All they need are tablets and bigger sized smartphones or laptops. This is of good value where ther are too many students ‘crowding’ for limited classroom space

Multi – boot eBook reader

For Secondary schools

The materials (content) do cover various subjects up toJSS  and beyond SS2, TOEFL, SAT, GCSE, A LEVELS, BACCALAUREATE etc.  These are subject training and relevant information for the academic level.

  1. The training materials are mostly presented in video format, interactive games and simulations, e-books etc for example, the videos for mathematics alone do number about three thousand!
  2. The e-books are more than ten thousand
  3. There are also simulations that enables students to have laboratory experiences even without ever visiting without visiting the lab.
  4. Past questions and answers with possible explanations
  5. Module for the institution to add their own materials etc.

Items 1, 2  and 3 are mainly on the server while item 4 are mainly installed on the workstations ie  students’ laptops.

All of these are presented on our server  (ITEM 1 ABOVE) and  are accessible electronically using most handhelds that are common place  and popular today with the students eg laptops, smart phones and especially tablet computers.

Laptop with detachable keyboard

Our pupils’ laptops (ITEM 2 ABOVE) above are however specifically optimised for the purpose.

What we have then is a server- workstation package whereby students or learners can access materials on the server independently of their teachers so long as they are within the wi-fi coverage.

We look forward to demonstrating the system to

  1. You or the academic staff

As we are also aware that decision for this kind of investment is also parents / pupils dependent, please invite us to do the same to your

  1. Parents / Teachers Association meetings
  2. Open Days.

At the end of the exercise, we do know that you will make the informed decision to invest in the system.

Our own preferred method of access is the pupils’ laptop. These units are rugged, affordable and rather versatile for the purpose.