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AFTER SCHOOLS CLUB (Franchise business)

Other aspects will be in modular form such that interested franchisee can select whatever module they are interested in.
Online web presence for the Club where all other franchisee can register. All students, teachers and schools are also expected to register. The service will be linked up with other institutions abroad in order to ensure world standard.
  1. Electronic library on Server equipment. This includes video and tuition materials from entry level up to key stage 12. This includes minimum of 10,000 e-Books, video training materials, simulations – alternative to practical laboratory work, language library.
  2. Computers / hand – held tablets / smartphones will be sourced and sold to registered members as educational tools
3. Schools Homework will be of priority.
We will also make use of social network platforms to distribute learning materials.
(Whatsapp subscription  in Nigeria now starts from only 60 Naira per month)
  1. Use of Social media to distribute
  2. Education materials (All pupils will be encouraged to register. Appropriate lessons will be sent to them regularly on various subjects / topics depending on what they have registered for) and
  3. business tools
  4. Teach users skills like computer programming / coding / use of computers to encourage literacy etc. Games and Sports
  5. Games- Ayo and Chess
  6. Sports- Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis
  7. Music
  8. Keyboard to read notes and other musical equipment
  9. Tourism
  10. International visits
  11. Students’ exchange
  12. Teachers’ / handlers’ exchange and education on After Schools Club services

The way forward:

Setting up a club
  • Establish the need
  • Decide on business structure
  • Identify source of funding
  • Find suitable premises
  • Apply for registration
  • Plan Staffing requirement
  • Source your equipment
  • Get all your paper in place
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