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The virtual class room

  1. All learning materials are mounted on the local server.

  2. Makes extensive use of e-books

  3. Textbooks, teacher’s notes and video lessons are all on the server. The whole school thus needs only one copy – serious savings as opposed to other systems where every pupil has to pay for independent copies on individual tablets or computers.

  4. Access is through wi- fi, no need for data subscription – password – protected to avoid misuse. Wi-fi access means no need for data subscription, thus money is saved

  5. All smart phone  or wi-fi enabled hand -helds eg laptops, I-Pads, tablets, computers e-Readers can successfully log on to the system so long as they have access (password – protected).

The need to continually improve content and delivery of up to date education is generally acknowledged worldwide.

Various countires are already investing huge resources in order to improve on the present situations.

Some of the major obstacles hindering up to-date education in Nigeria, especially outside the cities at all levels are

  1. Qualified instructors
  2. Up -to- date education materials

At Sysdigit Communications, we understand the issues that face education today. We know about the need to deliver engaging and stimulating learning environments that inspire and motivate students to achieve optimally. We are really at the cutting edge of how technology is changin and hence affecting quality of education todaq!

Information Technology is the backbone and plays a large part in this – and this is where we at Sysdigit Communications excel, as we do believe in innovations.

Students of today love technological gadgets. Even in the rural areas, they all have their smart phone.  Social networking etc on these gadgets are fast-paced and addictive, This same technology stimulates them to learn, so as an educator, technophile or not, there is the need to know how to get the most out of the technology to create dynamic learning environments.

The trend nowadays is to rely more on technology, such that with or without tutors, once adequately motivated, pupils are able to learn on their own, with little or no assistance from instructors provided that they are exposed to the right equipment / environment.

It is noteworthy that even in Nigeria in the 50s and 60s, several of our fathers were self – tutored as they were able to subscribe to and obtain learning materials by post. This was termed CORRESPONDENCE COLLEGE Rapid Results College.

The same method, although with a different format is generally seen as the ultimate way forward.

About Us

Sysdigit Communications, predominantly is in the business of applied computing, ultrafast data transfer, digital communications generally, APPLIED TECHNOLOGY

Technological advancement has resulted in affordability of equipment to support / enhance education; within the reach of all.

Our commitment therefore is to harness such resources to improve on education.


We provide relevant equipment at little or no cost to the education communities to support a communications network through which world –class  advanced education materials can be delivered anywhere through out the country. It indeed is a dynamic world, but we are really on top of it.



It consists of the following-

The Cloud; our CLOUD




computer server

with individuals tuning in into their own private television stations



( handhelds;  computer tablets, smart phones and even laptops).

It is completely interactive.



This is a ‘cloud’ – based technology; we do own our own cloud.

We have already amazed a huge library of education materials and we are still updating. In addition, several materials are available at cheap license on the internet as freeware. Learning and hence the materials are invariably dynamic, thus the need to keep pace with up to date materials

We have already initiated discussions with a Nigerian university of education the possibility of cooperating with them on provision of educational materials that are unique to the local environment. We will provide our own equipment for Education Resources Centre.

Text books and other written documents by Learning instructors can be loaded on our system.

  1. VIRTUAL CLASS SOFTWARE ( others call their versions blackboard, Study Centre etc)

We are also able to make available for various institutions our own proprietary software.

Some of the modules include:

  1. Bulletin Board
  2. Chat Room
  3. Past Examinations
  4. Timetable
  5. Virtual Tutors and Tutorials
  6. Online Dictionaries and ‘Wikis’
  7. Opportunity for online message from the authorities.
  8. Lecture notes from instructors

(The software enables instructors to make available online learning materials tailored to specific pupils’ needs).

Local institutions – e.g universities, polytechnics and even secondary schools are able to upload their materials onto our servers.


  1. Electricity and

2. Slow to non- existent internet connections.

Our solution is to provide tablet computers at reasonable cost. The tablets are such that anybody that can afford to ‘charge’ his mobile telephone handset is also able to afford to provide electricity for the gadget.

Similarly, we own our servers and are on our own private network or EXTRANET. We already have the data stored on them. So, there is no need to access the internet on the side of the pupils. This is a huge saving on similar systems.

All our servers are natively equipped with back – up systems (UPS)

There are two broad formats:

‘1- to -1’: Individual pupils log on to our server stations with their hand-helds or tablets.

Students do not need to be in the classroom. They only need to be within the coverage area of our servers.

  1. ‘1 – to – many’: The conventional classroom environment. In place of the hand-held is the large screen television. We provide a set-top box that turns the TV into a smart TV. Several of the functions are then performed using remote controllers etc.

This is especially useful in environments where there are not so qualified teachers. All that is required is someone to ‘play’ the video and explain when necessary.


Tertiary / Higher Institution:

The package is especially is especially useful since these are matured students that only need a bit of motivation.

Secondary Education and tertiary education:

Apart from the above, with a few add-ons

Especially in rural areas, even in some towns only 30 kilometers from Lagos, it was in the news that they had 3 qualified English teachers to 2,000 pupils.

Our system (we also specialize in CCTV and hence Video Conferencing) can easily be adapted to teach simultaneously several schools even in remote locations! Indeed, students are able to ask and receive answers in real time!

Primary Education

This is the foundation stage!

Virtually, we are able to bring top quality tuition to the pupils as with few adaptations, e.g the first ten minutes or so of any new topic is such that can be watched on our Video – on – demand package. It is equivalent to pupils being taught by world – class teachers. What we use are large screen smart televisions. Even for older generation television sets, we are able to provide the equipment to make them ‘smart’.

For over 30 years, Classroom Video have been providing outstanding video-based learning resources that support teaching, and improve learning outcomes.

For television broadcast, the future is VIDEO-ON-DEMAND.

In its simplified form, it is already here, using the internet as the medium of delivery.

Several of the educational materials that are available today are video based ie. they can either be viewed as if watching movies (but with options to re-wind  ie. video -on -demand) while some are in computer data format.

Essentially, this is a ‘server- workstation’ arrangement, but more like a Television Station


For television broadcast, the future is VIDEO-ON-DEMAND.

In its simplified form, it is already here, using the internet as the medium of delivery.

Several of the educational materials that are available today are video based ie. they can either be viewed as if watching movies (but with options to re-wind  ie. video -on -demand) while some are in computer data format.

Essentially, this is a ‘server- workstation’ arrangement, but more like a Television Station

We provide own our equipment. We are therefore able to provide a package with little or no start-up cost for participating institutions. We however ideally require that students use our own specifically configured and optimized computer tablets. Others that do already have their own equipment can also participate. There is however the need to reconfigure such equipment. We then expect to charge little subscription to meet our costs.

For other schools with issues of funding, we do have alternatives and are glad to work with Parents- Teachers Associations.